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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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audience captain? and a yes, than thank you. >> good evening supervisors and members of the commission and members the examined staff. i'm the commanding office of the police district. the car value police district it
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the largest district we have 1 hundred and 63 people living here there's several neighborhoods westportal and st. francis woods and ocean view and oceanside terrace and the merced triangle and many more. >> we have 4 district supervisors in district 5 we have london reed and district 4 katie and district 7 he has a large part norman yee and supervisor avalos this is his area. our major transit routes are the 28 muni and the m ocean view
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among others. our major traffic routes are slope boulevard and sunset and 19th avenue and ocean avenue and others. our commercial areas are westportal and ocean avenue and others. we divide our districts into 6 car sectors. this is one one car sectors of bored are 7th avenue and 19 avenue here our two car sectors the border are sunset boulevard and those are the 3 cars basically to the beach and there's the skyline and other. our 4 car sector 19th avenue and
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saks on and others over here. our 5 car is daily city border and the ocean car on the side. our demographics our population agencies compromise backing black 4.3 percent and white almost 40 percent. almost 16 percent are 65 and older and almost 17 percent are 17 and increase. i have a one hundred and 7 sworn officers at the states and that includes me. for the captain staff i have two sivendz it's my clerk and on day
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office. i have 3 sergeant's and two sivendz. the two sivendz are station duty officers. in the thirty officers i have 3 school cars and one homeless outreach officer. i have two lieutenants and 40 officers at night and the two sivendz again are station d officers and that comprised my swing shift. on the investigator team i have one officer and that officer is the video retrieval. i have one sergeant and 8 officers here. and generally they stay in this car sectors the 6 car sector because historically that has
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the most crime and they work plain clothes. i have 15 percent female officers the rest over 5 years of '73 percent of officers have modern 5 years. apologizing empathize 33 percent and the district population is 45 but when you add the filipino officers it's goes o close to the 45 percent black officers 45 people v. and latino 8 percent and district population is about 1 unlawful and the white officers 40 percent. our officers speak korean and spanish and cantonese and
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others. our part one violent crimes rapes are down and robbery is up and aggravated assault are down. our property crimes for burglary is down. auto theft is up auto whether is up and arson is down and other thefts are up. our violent crime arrests compared to last year and the date we're using is june 30th. we haven't made in homicide arrests this year our robbery arrests are up and our aggravated assaults are up. our burglary incidents arrests are down but burglaries are up.
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larsen is up and arrests are up. our community police advisory board we meet one a month and what they do is advise me on the crime and quality of life things that are important to the community. we developed a kind of like a postcard regarding distracted walking for people who are crossing the street or people who are going to be robbed because of being sdrashgd. we do a lot of community engagement. we do the college involvement. we have a lieutenant and a lady from the school district got together and that was to find a way to getty kids into cologne
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college. the chief said to expand that we had 25 stated from balboa and lincoln and other districts they were chosen by their teachers and sf state opened their doors to us and provided the instructors also and the kids were tact the college process what they neat to do to get into college and the experience of what it's like to be in excellently and the chief spoke we having had lawyers and computer designers and the kids were put into programs. we do any affairs and block
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parties. the police officers go camping and hiking with the kids. we have another evident on august 6th at 5:00 p.m. that's a 650 capital you're all invited to come. it's not just one day we do it at different times and the officers read to the kids at the library. this conclusions my different
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neighborhood. we have officers in plain clothes and i meet with the lieutenants and inspectors and they watch the officers and we map out where things are occurring. we have a map officer we're having him look at trends. we average about 15 robberies a month and last year, it was 20. some are more violent. beginning this year people were being hit instead of asking the victims for the money first. and now they're hitting folks again. so some of the good things h that are happening is the
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arrests you saw actually going up. captain did a pilot program and she had a large screen tv up there you could watch video. i'm going to help my captain real quick. the terryville is a no different than the rest of the city's. there's a cell phone iernl involved in more robberies in san francisco if i sub transacted those crime would be down singularly. we're working hard to come up with a michelle they're using in other countryside to as far as the auto burglaries go and auto
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thefts go 890 mros plus all these are recovered and arrests of up the cars themselves are not routinely stole for long. just like the cell phone robberies if you don't leave things in plain view in our cars the robberies are small. again they're looking for electronic devises and their left in plain view in the cars. i'll give it back to the captain but i don't want you to think that people are getting cash stolen out of their hands but guard our electronic devises and make san francisco a a safer place. >> i see a public education
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campaign in your future. >> actually, we do the education campaign. we development those cards as the distracted walking yeah. people learn to guard their wallet you know how can i ever you are an atm machine. thank you for the information. it's a constant reminded. thank you commissioner do i have a question >> thank you president. captain long for r thank you for your presentation. one of the things that's most expressive is the community work and collaboration. your workout work with youth and education and encouraging them to go on to college and helping with the process and career you,
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you know, some career education going on there and jobs. it's, you know, one of the best things we can do in terms of keeping our streets save. is to keep youth challenged in e positive direction in their life. as you know i'm a resident of the terryville area in the west portal section in particular and raised my son here. so it's of particular interest the safety and well-being of the terryville area. this card is terrific by the way. for those of you who worked hard on this. and on the pedestrian safety and bicycle safety are there any areas you want to highlight, you
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know, in the terryville area where people should be particularly cache about whether bicycle accidents and in particular hot spots for whatever reason the lighting or the geographic i didn't >> 19th and terryville is one of them and also by west port tall those are the top areas where there are pedestrian cloigsdz. the mta did is a study and the police department sent it out to us from 2006 to 2011 first quarter. and having said that in this 5 years at the at intersections 4
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collisions so there's not a lot of collisions but it happens there for frequently so we the address that we have a traffic plan every month. we know where the top 5 collision reasons failure to yield to going on traffic and stop signs. we attack those problems and that's what we focus on and there's areas we focus on 19th avenue and sunset boulevard and other streets. we try to work more effectively we have a map and a calendar everyday they have duties they have to do to look for those 5 violations. right now my big thing is pedestrian safety and speeding.
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speeding because speed is the number one collision factor and it effects all the other entries or collisions. the faster i go the more serious the injuries. >> i have one question. you have two great high schools in your district and one the supervisor went to and one the cohesive, of course, the best one is the one i went to. what type of outreach do you have and we have 38 schools total. so we do - we meet with the principles and have a positive relationship. the main problem is usually traffic so we try to meet with
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the principles be. we have the schools come into 80 to the station and it's usually about pickup time and drop off time. like the mid schools and the high schools. because they all get out generally, the at the same time and they all want the police services the same time. we try to have a flow time. our traffic officer went there and determined it and gave them suggestions or on what to do so we don't have enough cops to go around. that's somewhat successful. we still want more enforcement. i meeting met with some of the
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principles. if they had had been july offenders they get the license plates number and i would write them a letter find out where they live and write them a letter and say if might be getting a ticketed. and we want jointly write letters. we only had to do it one time. it worked out and we didn't have any more complaints >> do you see an uptick in robberies with all the electronic days do you see an uptick in robberies from students or across the board. and a some kids were robbed because their you younger >> now, it's time for public
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comment. >> line item 3 public comment. the public is welcome to address the commission on the items that are not on tonight's agenda but are in the jurisdiction. the folks shall address the commission as a whole and not individually. the commission rules of order during comment the commissions are not required to respond to questions. and the commissioners and police and occ personnel shall not get into comments with the public >> please sign up for public comment. yes, sir. >> yes, sir. .
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>> good evening. i'm bill i'm past president of merchant association. 20084, 86 and 87 and i'm the current director. for those who don't know i brought down some issues. the military is very close and dear to my heart. we very seldom thank the officers for their services. my main objective at a lunch was to say thank you. they were surprised to get acknowledges from our supervisors and under the influence of alcohol our association. those guys really appreciate it and it meant a lot to them we're fortunate to have men and
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women serving at the station and most importantly our captain. i want to only a the captain and the staff. we're very fortunate to maintain our officers and car officers. i graduated from abraham lincoln high school. i'm currently on the board this there and i want to say thank you. during the incident of the shootings in connecticut he was there to the lincoln to make sure our kids were okay. and save. with our recent retirees they're doing less and less of personnel. i know it's time for the rotation but i hope we can keep him longer. lastly, i would be amiss if i
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didn't tell you where i work i specials in current loans and the rates are still at an all-time low so, please come out and see me. if you have any questions about rates please see me >> thank you (laughter) >> it that a first. >> i think that's the first (laughter) >> can you sponsor tonight's meeting. >> good evening my name is james adams i'm the security dodge and i'm a retired police officer i worked with the captain at day view he was my lieutenant and we were in the same academy class.
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actually, i went to washington it was the best >> i want to thank captain for all the assistance. we mentioned with the card you mentioned about being distracted. cell phone theft is one of the major crimes that happens at stones town. he's worked with me to bring officers out i've given them access to the roofs so they can overlook the parking lots. you bring is big car out to our location and we have officers out there trying to stop the blrz of our cars. this month we've had 9 break-ins of cars. people are leaving everything in
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plain view. i've looked at the states and it looks one of the major crimes is people are driving straight from the airport and leaving their luggage and back pages and they're looking for electronics. i do want to thank the staff at terryville because we have what we call an orchard crime rate and one in particular was sunglasses. they came out they were 34 woman 189 r 18 to 26 years old they scooped up 26 pair of eyeglasses and i alerted the day watch i needed patrols between 8 and 9 and that's when the mall was
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closings. the chief said they ran directly into a patrol car all they had to do was open their car doors. i went to court with her and sure enough all the girls plead guilty. just today snafks we had 3 gentlemen who conducted a petty theft. officer jaw showed up just like that and they're now in custody. so i still again want to thank the officers at terryville station and we still need them. and if captain could stay in the district sir, please let him >> thank you. i used to see you at the hall of justice and thank you for your years of
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service. >> good evening. i'm glen i'm the kurt current president of the triangle neighborhood soeshlths and also on the terryville pta. i want to acknowledge the great job that the captain has done. a couple examples we run a quarterly meeting and at every meeting the captain shows up to answer questions or he sends a representative without fail and those members he sends are forth right and talk to individuals after the meeting. captain was our vice president of our organization personally introduced himself to the 8 businesses. we - he knocked on the door and
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said if they have any problems or questions they're to call the terryville station. under the captains leadership they did cellular phone cpa developed to card he also under his leadership we developed - he was concerned about communication with the businesses and organizations in terryville priblth so we developed a da database of organizations and groups within the neighborhood separated them into whether they were merchant or whatever so he could get out a quick e-mail warping them about things in the district. that's a database we shared last year and we think it's a good and quick way to get information out into the district.
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again, i want to thank the capita he's done a fantastic job. thanks >> thank you four working with the captain. good evening >> if you don't mind i'm going to make a little adjustment here. >> got it there? >> ladies and gentlemen, and audience the commissioners and chief and sheriff good evening. i welcome this opportunity to speak this evening. people don't understand the bank of italy after the earthquake almost rebuilt this whole district based on loans and which johnny wisconsin miller which was rig


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